The Exchanges Podcast – E05 – Las Vegas Shootings + Artificial Intelligence + Death and Taxes

THIS PODCAST: Las Vegas Shootings + Artificial Intelligence + Death and Taxes

Some before-show chit chat about the changes to the Masquerade in ATL @7:41
Podcast kickoff and introductions. Fantasy football and DnD talk @10:12
What we talkin about @11:59
Kwaku leads us off in discussing Las Vegas shootings and being desensitized @12:41
Davids dogs slurping up water in the background youll hear it a few more times @13:33
A new show idea for MTV @15:49
Davids thoughts on the Las Vegas shootings @16:37
Lawrences thoughts @17:29
David and media reporting on shootings by race @18:09
Brent tracks a bit of history of mass hooting events @22:52
Kwaku and false beliefs about the mental illness connection to shootings @24:56
Brent tracks recent mass shootings @26:12
David and doubts about mental illness connections to shootings @28:45
David: men and violence @32:36
Lawrence and the age of loneliness @34:03
Is our cultural and society sick? @34:26
Kwaku and his beef with medias misrepresentations of Life @36:19
Brent profiles the Virginia Tech shooter and the butterfly effect of the Columbine Massacre @38:37
Brent and The Grind of Western society @41:28
Brent and the coming generational storm. David reminds us of Sallie Maes misdeeds @42:25
David educates us on how we were bamboozled by the Student Loan business @43:57
Artificial Intelligence talk commences. Kwaku kicks us off again @46:16
Kwaku and Super Intelligence @47:06
Runway super computers @49:07
Brent spreads fake news about the Facebook AI experiment, David saves us with the real story @49:47
David and Facebooks bad programming @50:54
Lawrence: Humanity may be the real danger in the development of AI @52:26
Knowing what we want before we know we want it @53:36
David and why true AI is so far away from development right now. The End of the Second Industrial Age @54:55
3494.915042 3494.915042 Defining Intelligence sounds basic, but its not @58:14
Brent: the core programming of Humans. David and Buddhist philosophy of Self Actualization @59:29
Kwaku: Can technology and AI superseding us in importance @1:02:46
Kwaku and AI integral to human survival in the future. @1:04:05
The race for AI development between nations. Putins thoughts on AI @1:06:22
Brent stuck on whether humans are intelligent @1:07:30
AI and work. Are degrees worth anything these days? @1:08:48
Scary talk about genetic manipulation and what it means for our society @1:11:39
Age of Efficiency @1:16:28
Brent: we better not be doing the same shit 200 years from now @1:17:52
Brent and the creation of the perfect self-sustaining society on Earth. David has doubts @1:20:07
David and inescapable human behavior. Gulliver’s Travels @1:22:32
The Republican Tax Plan. David gives us a perfect summary @1:23:18
The Middle Class @1:26:38
Unionism in the Twilight Zone. @1:27:47
David: Intellectuals and Dependable Inaction @1:28:51
Brent and David Debate Unions vs. Lobbyist @1:29:42
We pretend like were done and go for another 30 minutes @1:31:05
Brent stuck on deciding a new topic maybe something light. @1:31:18
Davids thoughts on Bill Clinton as a Governor @1:32:58
YouTube Conspiracy Documentaries. David: Clinton Cash was actually legit @1:33:45
Facebook political debate trolling @1:36:24
Political extremism today. Elisabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders not making any sense @1:37:07
More political extremism in the future. Hyper-partisanism on social media @1:39:09
Radical Obama People promising Hillary Clinton the Presidency. @1:41:24
Trump supporters on social media. David: Undercover liberals on Breitbart @1:42:26
What is Romney up to? @1:44:09
Thoughts on the Russia Investigation @1:45:57
Trump primed to win 2020? @1:47:32
The coming Mid-term Elections. Gerrymandering Supreme Court case kicking the can down the road. @1:48:22
We actually end the show! @1:53:08


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