The Exchanges Podcast – E04 – NFL Protests + UN Summit + Basic Income + US Education System

THIS PODCAST: NFL Protests + UN Summit + Basic Income + US Education System

Going Live. Show Info @4:33
The skinny on the Trumps Alabama NFL Protests Speech. Luther Strange @5:29
Introductions @7:26
Elephant in the Room: NFL Protests. Dave starts us off. Mastermind Trump. @8:24
Kyles take Are we surprised? Nice People vs SOBs @9:34
Linda and Trump stirring the pot @10:28
Savannah on Trumps Strategy @11:10
Trump, Genius? @11:40
Brent: Auto-pilot Trump. @12:19
Kwakus thoughts on Trump saying anything @13:34
Eds thoughts on the NFL speech @14:36
What the hell was that noise??? @15:22
Dave: An underestimated Trump @16:51
Same message, different target. Medias place in the Rise of Trump. Winding up the Monkey. @19:44
You laugh now @21:00
Angies thoughts: Team wide, unified protests the way to go @21:22
Ed on Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner @22:22
Kyles take on NFL owners protesting with players. Ed on regional
Brent: Its all about the money @24:56
Angie and Barack Obamas statements on the protests. @26:33
Ed: The NFL protests issue as a whole didnt have much to do with race issues @28:01
We get lost in Eds argument @28:53
Helene: what did our Veterans fight for? @29:56
Kwaku and and the strawman of Patriotism @30:57
Who are these people who disagree with the protest? @31:43
Kyle and the dynamics of Privilege @33:02
They @33:15
MLKs hate mail @39:18
Savannah and the Pendulum of Progress @41:19
Hobby Lobby Selling cotton sticks and right-wing medias hunt for juicy liberal overreactionism @41:40
Dave and the oversaturation of Liberal anger @44:27
Kyle: Germanys anti-Nazism and hate speech laws a model for the US @49:29
Savannah: difference between free speech and hate speech @50:15
Limits to free speech debate kicks off @51:45
Helene and Linda and how hate speech can be interoperated @54:12
Brent: where should the speech line be drawn? @55:52
Savannah: does the speech/group incite violence? @56:44
Angie: A higher legal bar? Brent: outright banning groups that incite violence and hatred. @57:56
Dave and Brent and the Black Panthers @58:36
Savannah: different treatment for different groups @59:25
Eds solution: Media blackout of hate groups @59:56
Slippery Slopes. @1:02:24
Dave: Banning hate groups making things worse @1:03:42
Matt: how we realistically ban these groups? @1:06:37
Ed: how would social media speech work in identifying hate groups to ban? @1:07:01
Linda: hate speech exposes to the bad ideology to the public @1:07:35
Matt: How Boston handled hate groups @1:09:19
Dave and Trumps distractions @1:10:53
Switching Gears: North Korea and Trumps Master Strategy @1:13:20
Ed: Trump and Un too toxic to Tango @1:15:17
Kwaku and US talking with Kim Jong Un. Un Protecting rather than Projecting? @1:16:13
Dave: North Korea living in 1950s propaganda and desperate for respect and recognition. @1:17:28
Irrational Actors in an Irrational World @1:19:26
Is Kim Jong Un that bad of a guy? @1:22:12
Grading Kim Jon Uns dictatorship @1:23:54
Selfish Motivations @1:25:36
Helene humanizing Kim Jong Un for a moment @1:26:16
Universal Basic Income time Kyle starts us off. Defining
Daves thoughts on Universal Basic Income @1:32:11
Matt: despite Income, people are still incentivized to do better @1:33:05
AI @1:36:51
Dave and the Chess Effect @1:37:04
Brent: Overcoming human nature @1:39:08
Matt and the invention of Privacy @1:43:58
Savannah: Our focus has to be the next generation. Lastly: US Education System @1:44:41
Linda and Savannah debates the concept the Education @1:45:55
The importance of Environment and connecting Education to Human Nature @1:47:54
The beginning of Montessori education. @1:48:14
Human Nature: Propensity for Good or Propensity for Evil? @1:50:40
The Culture of Family; Us compared to other countries @1:52:24
Dave: Montessori Education = School Privatization @1:54:36
College Daze @1:58:37
Higher Education Disillusionment and the Student Loan Bubble @2:00:37
Wrapping Up @2:02:00



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