The Exchanges Podcast – E07 – Adulting + Cultural Appropriation + Corruption + Kinks + LARPing

THIS PODCAST: Brent, Samantha (aka “Sam”), Ben, and Ryan:


0:06:32                And we are off … Introducing Ryan

0:07:06                Lookin’ Tired

0:07:36                Samantha aka “Sam”

0:07:48                … and Ben

0:08:12                Ben’s creepy laugh

0:08:46                Cloud Computing-Pimpin’ and Jitter Bugs

0:12:08                Ben and Ryan go back to school

0:15:03                Work, Work, Work, Work …

0:17:21                Being Grown Ups

0:20:24                The Great Healthcare Debate

0:23:53                Ben Reflects on Changes in Healthcare. Ryan and Evil Middlemen

0:25:51                Ryan ends up paying less for Healthcare by … not being Insurance

0:31:10                Sam and Political and Corporate Propaganda

0:32:49                Has the US always been a crappy place?

0:39:45                Brent on the US living up to its stated Ideals

0:41:53                Selfishness and Tribalism

0:43:24                Trump Supporters and Fact Immunity

0:45:32                Sam reflect on her FOX News Addiction

0:47:50                Rural Kansas and a Drought of Facts

0:48:50                Little Mexico.

0:51:17                Sam Masquerading as a Mexican

0:52:39                Can you blamed Rural America for Not Being as Informed?

0:54:38                Ryan question’s rural Kansas’ Internet Access

0:56:43                Brent: The World isn’t Harvard

0:57:39                Chinese Photographer: Racism or Nah?

0:59:51                Sam’s Ringtone

1:00:25                Brass Tax on Cultural Appropriation

1:01:04                China and Dogs

1:03:34                Brent Brings up the Hobby Lobby Incident Again

1:04:24                Ryan’s Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

1:06:11                The Noose at our old Alma Mater

1:06:36                Ben Reminds us of the CSU Bomb threats

1:08:23                University and the Media

1:13:13                Weaponizing the Past and Comment sections “Evidence”

1:15:09                When does “it” become a problem

1:17:24                Ben, the New JFK Assignation Documents and US Government creditability

1:22:21                Question for Conspiracy Theorist

1:22:58                Ryan how bad “it” Already is

1:25:15                Do “Leaks” Change anything? WikiLeaks, Prism, and the bunch

1:31:33                How much corruption is enough corruption for change

1:34:19                Voting in Red States and the importance of voting locally

1:42:09                The ground floor of Power. Voter Suppression

1:44:20                Gerrymander Cubix Cube

1:46:32                Our perfect transition to Pup Play and Sexual Kinks

1:47:15                Samantha gives us the Skinny on the Appeal of Pup-Play

1:48:49                “Tugger” the Pup and International Mister Leather

1:49:57                Ryan – Get YOURS. Samantha – ” as long as you’re not hurting someone ..”

1:50:35                Pup Play and the LARP-ing connection

1:51:26                When do Kinks become “unhealthy”

1:52:55                Ben and Sub-Dominant Relationships

1:54:10                Role-play and the Fine Lines

1:55:48                Brent “Kink Shames”

1:57:43                What is a healthy Coping Mechanism

1:59:31                Pup Handlers

2:01:29                Surprised Abuse Kinks. Seeking Love in Pup Play

2:06:11                Relief from “the Machine” and Bloops

2:08:21                Creepy Pup Costumes. Ben and … Horse Play and Human Chariots?!?!

2:09:53                Sam: We are all roleplaying to some extend and … whose REALLY free?

2:11:42                Ryan and breaking the fourth wall at LARPs

2:13:30                Brent contracts a horrible disease while LARPing

2:18:11                LARPing and Pup Play Connection. LARP Drama

2:20:30                When LARPing stopped being Fun for Sam

2:23:46                Handling your business. Pup play and having children?

2:29:34                What Sam, Ryan, Ben, and Brent are Watching. The Golden Era of TV Entertainment

2:29:42                Ryan on Stranger Things 2

2:30:23                Ben on Mind Hunters

2:31:29                Samantha’s Korean Pop Obsession

2:33:34                Ryan and How Asian Societies play DnD

2:34:21                Samantha’s Exploration of Bitcoins

2:37:51                Wasting time on Netflix

2:39:59                Binge Watching Payoffs

2:40:30                Brent, once again, talks about Adam Curtis Documentaries

2:42:20                Bladerunner 2049

2:43:31                Stars Wars Rouge One versus Star Wars The Force Awakens

2:45:01                Ben, King Kong, John Goodman. Ten Cloverfield Lane

2:46:44                Harrison Ford

2:48:08                Bright with Will Smith

2:49:04                Death of the Movie Industry

2:51:37                Buying Blu-Rays

2:53:42                3D Games and Horror games being movies

2:57:12               The Rise of Content Creators and Internet Celebrities

3:01:11                We Wrap Up!

Intro Music:
Dj Quads – “A Bouquet Of Roses”

Outro Music:
Dj Quads – “Good Vibes”