The Exchanges Podcast – E02 – Events @ Charlottesville, VA + Torture & Enhanced Interrogation


Double Feature: Torture and Enhanced Interrogation + Events @ Charlottesville, VA HIGHLIGHTS (estimated times): Setting the Agenda @3:01

Brent grills Avery. Avery tips off his aspirations @4:19

Study Abroad. Mexico City @5:01

Spain Economics @6:22

Death of a Mexican Mayor. Gruesome Cartels @7:09

Brents story about US Gov. kidnapping and torturing Afghan college students @8:16

Ed: A Vietnam Vets take on morals of torture @11:59

Ed: Youre Animal in combat @13:11

white collar Brass setting the torture Agenda? @13:58

Savannahs WWII tales: A Soliders bluff @15:50

Avery: Tortures Effectiveness @16:28

Matt: interrogation techniques. Enhanced Interrogation. @18:23

How do you break a person? Avery: Pain or Pleasure @19:09

The design of torture. Rationalizations @21:53

Nazis @23:00

Brent somehow forgets Averys name @23:45

Torture as a theory and discipline @24:04

Ignorance is bliss @24:35

Matt: Drones and Depersonalization @25:11

Bavery being out of range @25:44

Alexandras WWI tales: futbol in Xmas @26:28

Avery and the Efficacy of torture @27:00

Helene call out Alexandras dark mind @27:22

Ed: Difference between fight civilians and fighting soldiers @27:42

Helene reminds us average citizens got dirty in WWII @28:21

How far would Helene go in WWII? @28:47

Brent: Media technology and torture @29:24

Ed: Manila massacre: @30:36

Gooks and Rats @32:08

Dehumanization, war, and torture. Going to the dark side @32:30

Brents School of Americus and Occupy Wall Street Experience @34:46

Transition to Charlottesville VA. Helenes shock @36:05

Tri-board Racism @ 36:31

Avery gives us the skinny on who instigated the Violence at Charlottesville @37:25

Avery: Antifa purpose and strategy @38:14

Details on Charlottesville up to the innocent ladys death @39:28

Who is James Fields @40:49

Charlottesville: He was scared for his life @41:58

Legally running over protesters? @43:47

The White Grand Supremacist Strategy @44:14

Ed and Matt: Just dont show up @45:05

Matt looks back on MLK and Nelson Mandela @45:54

Both Sides @47:31

Matt and Helene: KKK in Lawrenceville @48:03

Brent: Joe Arpaio. Our current class of Politicians @48:54

Savannah: Trumps lack of condemnation @49:43

Ed: Police should have disarmed the supremacist @50:08

Avery: the normalization of radical ideologies @51:12

MLK and Ghandis balancing act @51:39

How governments respond to protests @52:21

The double standard. A country of Red Scares @53:25

Black Lives Matter @56:01

MLK and Ghandi vs. Nazis @57:12

Malcom X vs. MLK @57:45

Brent: They still got shot @58:20

False Equivalences and looking for a Savior @59:35

An acceptable public opinion @1:00:38

Education. Darwin. Stewards of the world @1:02:12

Avery: We are more equal today @ 1:04:05

Trumps political calculation @1:04:58

Helene dramatically quotes Trump: I NEVER SPEAK WITHOUT ALL THE FACTS @1:05:32

Trumps Ad Libs at the Catholic Charity Dinner @1:05:57

Trumps locked in Base. One person, One vote theory @1:06:36

Savannah and red maps. Gerrymandering. Right Wing Tech guys @1:07:24

Culture shift affecting Congressional representation @1:08:06

Originalist Supreme Court Judges @1:09:22

Lefts Evil Empire. Putin. RT @1:11:31

Russian Connection to the Keystone Pipeline. Russian Oligarchs poking @1:14:28

Putins the victim here @1:15:19

Crimea. Ed: Reasons behind Russian paranoia @1:16:47

Micheals relatives in Russia @1:16:47

Missile chess @1:18:51

Demand for Us moral perfection @1:19:16

The Zika Solution @1:20:32

Historical context of Confederate Statues. Hate History @1:20:32

Confederate generals @1:22:18

Savannah: where do we draw the line in god/bad history? @1:22:48

Founding Fathers and moral equivalencies @1:23:02

Avery plays Devils Advocate @1:24:54

Another way to memorialize Confederate history? @1:26:37

Dylan Roof @1:27:46

Matt: What should we do with Stone Mountain? @1:28:38

Matt: New Orleans Mayors Speech @1:30:19

Savannah: Kasim Reed an Confederate Street Names @1:30:31

The Twilight Zone South @ 1:31:27

Brents experience with White Supremacists newspaper boys @1:32:02

Eds experiences with segregation on military bases @1:33:15

Alexandra encountering wild racists @1:34:20

Confederate HBO series @1:35:12

Speculative History. If the South won @1:38:19

Next topic. Wrapping up @1:38:19


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