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The Exchanges Podcast is an outlet dedicated to fostering conversation between everyday people about the issues of our time. The majority of our time is spent making this beacon as bright as possible in the media sphere, in order to attract unique voices from all walks of life in any space on the globe. Once contacted, we gather those voices in a physical (or virtual) space and talk about what it means to be human. Philosophy, sociology, politics, current events, entertainment, arts, culture, history … it is all topics up for grabs.

The guy checking out your groceries at the local supermarket may be on the podcast. The girl sitting next to you on the train may be on the podcast. The lady who always gives you a curt nod of acknowledgement while she walks her dog; the man who went to war and lived to tell about it; the corporate attorney operating in the shadows of giant conglomerates; the teenager aspiring to be a YouTube personality; the garbage man; an ex-convict. You get the point: The Exchanges Podcast has no limits.

The Exchanges Podcast – E01 – Corporations and Political Power

THIS PODCAST: Corporations and Political Power HIGHLIGHTS (estimated times): Citizens United. Weird Comment’s Section Analogy @5:10 Loud 80s Music. Alexandra tells us about Managers Throwing Pizza Pans @9:45 Wikipedia Defines Citizens United @10:50 Kwaku Plays Devil’s Advocate @13:40 Dan Tells a story about being a jerk to Jim Martin. 5 Disadvantage Groups of Society @15:25 … Continue reading The Exchanges Podcast – E01 – Corporations and Political Power